About Us

We are here to educate and to help Basset lovers from everywhere.

In this Wisconsin Basset Hound group you will find a fun loving carefree group of people who care about our Bassets and value friendship.


We hold monthly meetings, sometimes referred to as "eatings"! 

We are a group of people who represent  the Basset Hound fanciers of Wisconsin, and the surrounding states. 

 Code of Ethics

Each member of Badgerland Basset Hound Club will consider the welfare of the breed when engaging in any activities involving the breeding, selling or competition of Basset Hounds. BBHC members, both individuals and member clubs, are urged to comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Members of the Badgerland Basset Hound Club will abide by the constitution and by-laws of BBHC   and of the American Kennel Club.
  2. Members will ensure that all dogs in their care are provided adequate food, water, and shelter, opportunity for exercise, veterinary care, and personal attention to monitor their needs.
  3. Breedings will be directed toward producing Basset Hounds of exceptional quality in breed temperament, Basset Hound type and ability to hunt game. Only healthy and mature dogs and bitches free of congenital defects and of characteristic breed type, sound structure and temperament, free of genetic problems that would hinder their well being, shall be bred.
  4. Members should not undertake the breeding, of a bitch unless they are prepared to act responsibly regarding the disposition of the resultant puppies. Members shall be discriminating in the placing of puppies and adult hounds, choosing environments in which the Basset Hound will receive suitable care and affection and will not be misused. Breeders will be responsible and take back any dogs that are surrendered by their owners. Dogs will not be turned over to burden Rescue.
  5. Basset Hounds offered for sale or males offered at stud must be presented honestly regarding their pedigrees, their potential as bred and their faults or the fault possibilities that may develop in maturity.
  6. Members of Badgerland Basset Hound Club will follow good business practices and ethics in breeding and sales contracts and will honor all agreements. Written agreements in all dealings regarding Basset Hounds are strongly encouraged.
  7. No member of this club shall engage in the wholesaling of litters or the selling of breeding stock to commercial sales operations ("puppy mills"). No member will offer or supply Basset Hounds for prizes, raffles, or lotteries.
  8. No member shall engage in false or misleading advertising or misrepresentation of his/her Basset Hounds or those of competitors.
  9. Members will practice the principles of good sportsmanship, considering competition to be a challenge, not a threat.
  10. All members of Badgerland Basset Hound Club shall conduct themselves in all aspects of the sport of dogs in a manner designed to reflect credit upon our breed and our club.